I Love my Digital Camera!!!!

As most of you already know as my Mother’s Day gift I received a new digital camera. Yes! It was time for a new one which I still have and use the old one but it was a little outdated for me. I like to be in the know and have the latest technologies in hand. It’s always been something I love to do. I’m a computer and photography nerd that for sure. Hahaha. Well I love taking photos of Olivia and of the family and if you didn’t already know this now you know. It’s always been my dream to have my own photography shop but I’m too cheap to start out with one. So back to my camera, I have a Kodak Z712 IS which had just come out in the beginning part of May 2007. I love this thing and wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s the best camera and I can zoom 12x digital without having the picture blurry like most cameras would have. It also has the Image Stabilizer, has a sports setting, a setting for active children and is a 7.1 mega pixel. I highly recommend this camera to all of those photographers who are looking to keep up with the pace of your child or a family member and for those who want to capture your true love in pictures. I have taken a picture of Olivia just about every month if not a couple times a day. She is a camera hog of course now!

Now for any of those who want to get me a gift for my anniversary or for Christmas then take in consideration that I want a digital photo frame. It’s something that I can display for my friends and family in my house without having to print off every last picture I just took. Now take a look at my favorite picture that I captured with this camera…and think you too can capture a picture like this as well with any digital camera you have or get!!

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