I would love a new mailbox

When we first moved into our house almost 3 1/2 years ago we bought one of those step 2 mail boxes which I thought at the time was pretty cool. Only did I realized it wasn’t. We the back of it has another door on it so that you can get it from the back instead of walking in the street to get it. But here’s the things…whenever it rains and the mail man sticks in the mail the back door opens up and gets the mail all wet. So then we have soggy or damp mail instead of dry ones. I hate it but for what I paid for it I’m going to keep it a little longer I guess.

Now if I could get another one I would have a pick between these ones.

This one is Retro looking and yet classic all at the same time.
This one is pretty cool because it tells you when you have mail. It’s a mail alert so that you don’t have to waste trips to the mailbox when it hasn’t come yet. (takes the guessing work out for you)
And this one is very classic looking and just well does the trick for me.

They are all priced at a pretty good deal and so if you are in need of one then why not go shopping for new mail boxes…You will enjoy it I promise!

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