Bunk Beds

Olivia has been lucky to receive a free bunk bed from my parents but if she had not then we would have been looking at some bunk beds. They are very cool for kids when you have kids spending the night or if you need to have one designated to your stuffed animals. I remember back when my sister and I had our bunk beds we used to put the mattresses on the floor and do flips off the top bunk. Oh how those were the days. Now if I could do it I would be laughing so hard I wouldn’t be able to. LOL.

But if you are looking for quality bunk beds then why not look here. They are a quality company who have a variety of beds for all ages. They have ones that have tents on them, have trundle beds and also have a desk underneath the top bunk. Now I would have like to have the one that had the trundle bed so that when my sister and I had a friend spend the night they could have slept on the bed instead of the floor. Plus with this company the prices are reasonable and shipping is quite reasonable as well. So whatever kind of bunk beds you are looking for you will be able to find them.

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