The Dentist , Olivia not sleeping and Homework

This morning I have to make a trip to the dreaded dentist. I hate going and have put it off long enough. The other morning while I was brushing my teeth one of my fillings came out and so I need to go have it fixed and also to have my bridge put back in as well. Oh joy for me. Now my mouth will probably be numb for the rest of the day and hard to talk at work but I’ll try to make the best of it I guess. I have to leave about 11am to go to my 11:15 am appointment. Thank god I work near Nashville.

Tonight I don’t know if I’m babysitting again but either way I have brought my backpack just in case. I did some of the homework last night during the cries of “Mommy! I need this and I need that” and it’s hard but I’m going to do good in this class. I sometimes just want to give Olivia something to help her sleep at night but then think to myself no that is not going to work. She just needs to unwind or something. But last night she was just wound up for some reason. She had no sugar to my knowledge last night so I’m not too sure what is going on with her. I am really having a difficult with her wanting to go to bed. She just sits there and screams because she doesn’t want to do anything. Well I guess it’s just the age that she’s in.

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