Hurricane Dean Update

I can’t believe that there is a strong hurricane in the tropics. It’s hard to believe that so many other people in the US are getting more rain than we are. I honestly wish we would be hit with a category 1 hurricane or a tropical storm. We really need the rain because these water restrictions are nuts. I’m not in one but my inlaws in Tarboro are under one and all of Rocky Mount are. Now to where Dean is heading is a mystery but above is a map of where they think he will go. I just wish we were back in the 70 and 80 degree weather too but I don’t think we’ll see that for a while either. Well Terry is working tonight and I’m heading off to school so I’ll be busy probably doing homework for the rest of the week and weekend. Just depends on how much I can get done tonight. It seems weird of me having homework when the last time I did was last fall during my hard class that I still have no idea how in the world I passed!!! But I did and that’s that.

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