The lap band by Journeylite

With obesity taking over our lives why not change it? I have in the past thought about getting a gastric bypass but realized that I am not that overweight to have it done. Plus I don’t think that I would ever want to have my stomach stapled instead I would rather just use the newest way. Journeylite now offers the Lap band adjustable gastric band is a much quicker and easier way to have the gastric bypass. Instead of having your stomach cut open it will be done using Laparoscopic. It reduces the stomach capacity helping you to lose weight. I first heard about this procedure about 2 years ago and had considered it. I might still consider it if I can’t lose weight. Plus if you decide after you have the procedure that you want to have a child but worry about how much nutrients you can get with the pregnancy they can go in and have it adjusted to where you are able to gain the proper weight. So why not look into the Lap band if you don’t want to go through the surgery of a gastric bypass and want something that is adjustable. It might be just for you!

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