I’ve been Nomimated!

I today was nominated by someone who must read my blog. It’s so awesome because I thought that my blog wasn’t good enough to be nominated for anything. Well I guess I was wrong. Thank you to who ever nominated me. I got an email saying that I was nominated. Well I guess trying to blog everyday works well. 🙂

Well I in return nominated a bloggy friend, Elizabeth from The Whole Family for being a Best Parenting Blog. She always has some cute things in her blog that makes me either want to try or wish I had done with Olivia. She is very much into telling everyone about breastfeeding and babywearing. I only wish I was able to really breastfeed Olivia but due to other matters with her intestines not being fully developed when she was born it was not going to happen. I envy her for being able to do this with her children.

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