It’s Fabulous Friday!!!

I’m so happy that it’s Friday because it seems like this week has gone so slow. I had about 2 placements this week and I’m praying for at least one more this week. I want to beat my dad this month with having more than one placement. Plus it’s finally going to happen I think. I am keeping my fingers crossed at least.

Well with Terry back to work I can finally get some things completed around the house. Although the only thing I have done is the computer room. Oh well, he’s working most of the weekend and will have Sunday off. He had yesterday off and it was an ok night. He slept most of the evening after Olivia and I got home and so Olivia and I went up to Wendy’s for dinner. I suggest to anyone who lives near me to NOT go to the Wendy’s in Goldrock!!! Here we sat in the drivethru line for 20 minutes, ordered our food and got up to the window only to find out that their credit card machine was broken. Well the lady at the window was very rude about it and so I am now going to make an official complaint about it to the store manager. I feel that this was my waste of gas to sit through that line only to get up there and be told that in the rudest manner. Yeah I’m not so happy with that company and I will not go there ever again!!! Terry went to Hardee’s after I got him up and got us some dinner. Thank you sweetie for doing this for us.

With Terry working tonight I don’t have any dinner plans and so I need to figure out what we want. I really wanted chinese food last night and might have to bring some home or go out to the buffet. Just depends on how Olivia is acting I guess. Well gotta run. Have some things to do for work.

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