We have a slight Dilemma..Help!

Recently Olivia has become potty trained and going “Pee” in the potty. We have one slight dilemma now that we are in need of help here. Olivia refuses to go “poop” in the toilet. We have tried bribing her which in turn makes things worse, tried offering her rewards saying that she’s a big girl if she goes in the potty or just forcing her to sit on when she comes and tells us her “Tummy Hurts”. Now none of this is working and we need help because she is messing up her pretty undies every day and even daycare has made mention of this. She won’t even tell us when she has to go or if she does tell us its way too late. She had an accident all weekend and now I’m just confused of what to do now? If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on how to handle this situation please leave a comment.

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