Awesome Deals and Finds!

Happy belated 4th of July! I was out of town yesterday well to Tarboro and trying to find some shoes for Olivia. We have found that no where in Rocky Mount has any wide width shoes. What’s new! We’ll just have to make a plan to go to either Smithfield or Raleigh to the Stride Rite Store. The past couple of days I have found some awesome finds at a couple Thrift Stores. I found an awesome Evenflo Trooper Backpack Child Carrier that I can use to take Olivia to different museums and such and not have to take the stroller along with me. I hate taking that large thing with me and since Olivia just doesn’t sit well in the Mei Tai that I have made. I’m glad that I found this and I wanted to get for so long but didn’t feel like forking out the money for one. Plus here’s the deal I found this and it had no price tag on it and the lady up at the counter only charged me $1.99 for it! What? That’s an awesome deal! Now I can take Olivia up to Maryland to the National Aquarium in Baltimore and allow her to view Nemo. I’m so excited about this find.

Since I’m on the subject of babywearing, I was on Target.com today and found out that they now sell some Hotslings and Peanut Shells along with Bjorn’s. I was so excited to see this because if they had only sold them online when Olivia was an infant. I might later on down the road get one just to have one for backup. Just depends on the money situation I guess. So for all of those out there looking for a quality sling go check out Target online and see what you can find. The other thing that I found at the thrift store was a Pampered Chef Ice Shaver to make snowcones with. Yes! Perfect for the summer and instead of using the normal Sugar filled syrup I can use juice or lemonade in it’s place. Well I better be getting to bed. It’s early in the morning and I’m so sleepy. Olivia was home sick today so I’ve been a little worn thin.

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