It has now occurred to my 3 year old to not wear shorts or pants but she wants to wear only dresses and skirts. It’s something like has happened this weekend or something. Last night Tonya and I took the kids to the mall and we went to Ross first where Olivia picked out a dress that she had to wear today. It’s so adorable too. I wish I had taken a picture of her this morning before heading out the door but I didn’t. She looks so pretty in it though. She did ask me this morning if we can get more dresses so it looks like I’ll be going to Goodwill this week sometime searching for dresses for her. Plus I need to find more swim suits for her since she is now signed up for swim lessons. It’s nice to have extra suits for the pool this summer. She outgrew most of her clothes she had last year so this year we’re going in blindsighted for the clothing. I am however getting 2 big black trash bags full of clothing today from a lady that said I could have some clothing. Yes! Thank you so much for that. This will help out a lot. Olivia seems to be growing like you wouldn’t believe now a days.

The past couple of days has just been busy for me really. Sunday night I realized that my vaccum cleaner is broken and so I couldn’t finish up the rest of the house I had planned on doing. Then we take Terry to his appointment yesterday and good news is he doesn’t have to have surgery. There were no rips or tears in his knee. Only problem now is he has to go have physical therapy done 3 times a week and still is not in the clear to go to work. I am planning a trip to Maryland soon since he has never been with me since we have been married for almost 4 years. So it’s time for a trip up there for him since he’s not working right now. It’ll be nice to go back home for a quick trip up there. It’s something we’re going to talk about soon though.

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