Wow! It’s been a while since I have updated this blog but things in my life have kept me busy making it hard for me to really blog. But lets see April 26th Olivia turned 3 and she was also very sick on her birthday. I had to take her into see the doctor because she was complaining of her ears hurting her and also of the nasty cough she has had. Well come to find out she had a double ear infection and also has bronchitis. Yuck! She was put on Amoxicillin and told nothing else. Oh well, we did however find out what mom and dad were getting Olivia for her birthday. They got her the Little Tykes Mountain Climber for the backyard. Plus Terry and I are looking into getting a Privacy fence for the backyard. We really do need one that way I won’t have to worry about where is Olivia and I could go back inside and do things. It’s just more freedom for her and it’s something that we’re looking into. We haven’t yet gotten to put up her climber yet but hopefully this evening it will be going up. 🙂 Yeah! Plus I need to get sand for her sandbox and put that in the backyard too.

Friday she went on back to school and then I went back to work as well. I had kind of a crummy day friday but it was all good. I had my highlights touched up, my hair cut and layered, my eyebrows done and also had Olivia’s hair trimmed all for $20. Yup thats right, only 20 bucks. Thanks to Cindy for doing this for us. We really enjoy the talks and also the job that you do on our hair. Saturday again was quite a busy day for us considering that Terry had to drive to the Toys ‘R US in Greenville to pick up her Climber and then be back in Rocky Mount by 3:30 for Olivia’s Birthday Party. I had Her pictures taken at Sears and let me tell you I was livid when I got finished. I ordered the same package I always order and went to use the free 10×13 coupon that I always use as well. The girl at the sales told me that I wasn’t able to use the coupon because they don’t accept them anymore. Ok I have never had a problem using this but for some reason this girl didn’t want to take it. I don’t know what her problem was but anyways, I am going to write up to Sears and or go to the Sears again and talk to the Manager, Jo. Ugh! So annoying. Anyways the pictures came out great! Then Olivia’s birthday party was great too! she got a lot of great gifts and thank you to all who came. It made her day! She was exhausted when she got home.

Nothing much really happened on sunday and then yesterday I stayed busy at work. Go figure. Well let me go for now…have to get to work. Enjoy some of the pictures from Sears!

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