This weekend nothing much really happened. i woke up on Friday morning only to find out that my lovely monthly came and it’s full force this time and not like last time. Ugh!!! Friday when I was getting ready to leave I snapped on my mom and well you know what it’s like if your a woman and you go through these things. Then I went out of there balling my eyes out, picked up Olivia from daycare then it was on off to Sams Club for a few things we needed like dog food and something to cook that night. I got in and out of there and got a phone call from my dad asking me where I was and if I had any perishables. I only had a few things that really needed to be put in the fridge and so he said put them in a bag and bring them on over to Chili’s where we ate dinner. Terry at the time had just pulled into Lowe’s Home improvement to go look at a couple of grills and so we went ahead and dropped of the other items we got from Sam’s club. Especially the dog food!!! That was heavy and I didn’t have the room in the back of the van to put it. Then after we ate dinner and thank you dad for buying us dinner. It was delicious even though I didn’t get to finish it up. then it was back over to Sams club with mom and dad and Elizabeth. Ahhh, how I sometimes miss living with my parents because I feel that sometimes I got married too soon. Oh well, I’m still very happy with who I married even though we have our moments.

Then on Saturday I didn’t do much of anything except for sleep because I felt so drained like I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before even though I did. I then got up and got dressed and got Olivia dressed and we went on over to my inlaws house for the night. I met with my MIL and FIL at the new Church, Word of Life International (WOLI) and we picked up Jamie my neice and went to Food Lion to let Olivia pick out her birthday cake and then went on to KFC to pick up dinner. I have to say though that the KFC in Tarboro is the Slowest restaurant in the world. We had to wait forever for them to cook our food and then they came back and told Jamie that they didn’t have any mac n cheese left and for her to pick out something else! Ugh! How annoying. Well we finally got our food and went on back up to the church for me to tell Jim that Jamie was coming back to the house with us and for me to pick up my van. We had a good dinner and then we gave Olivia a bath and she was just about ready for bed time. I went to bed early too since I still wasn’t feeling the best in the world.
Sunday I got up still not feeling the best in the world and now at this time having awful cramps and terrible clotting. Some the size of a quarter or a half dollar. I felt like crap but I still went ahead and got up for the day, took my shower and then went on to Church. I forgot to pack something nice to wear to church so I had to wear my khaki shorts and a nice teal shirt. It was good that this church is not going to be against what you where anymore. I feel that this is the church for me and that I have found my new home. I felt more at peace with this church and I have to say it’s just like going to my old church in Maryland, Church of the Redeemer in Gaithersburg. Thank goodness I found a new one that I can feel like I belong. Now there were 160 people there for the very first opening and we had an awesome tithes of over $28K. That’s awesome and when he told us that I wanted to start to cry. I know that the Lord is watching over me and I heard him tell me to stay with this church. I am happy to say that I plan on doing so for now. Well for lunch we had beef roast, corn, broccoli with cheese and also had some fresh strawberries with sugar on a dessert cup with cool whip. Mmmm…is all I have to say about those strawberries. They were so good! Then I took a long nap and so did Olivia and we ended up driving home, picking something up for Terry and taking it to work for him. Then I went on back home, and did a few things around the house and then went on to bed. I was so sleepy. Now during this time, Olivia’s fever that she had spiked up and so she didn’t go to daycare yesterday. She is now getting her 3 year old molars and so she has been extra crabby and all.

Yesterday I didn’t get much done with work wise but I did find out that one of my girls that went on an interview was made an offer. yes! Now we just have one more to do and go from there. Well let me go for now…have to get some kind of work done today before dad says anything. I’ll try to write more later on. Tonight I’m watching Cole and Kennedy and of course my darling Olivia. 🙂 the pictures from today are from yesterday when we cooked out on the grill. We had some yummy pork chops, and mac-n-cheese. Enjoy!

Here are some pictures that Olivia took this morning while I was getting her ready for daycare. She obviously got ahold of the camera!

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