Happy Birthday to my brother Richard! Today he officially turns 21! OMG! He can now legally drink…what is the world going to come to? Just kidding. This weekend was uneventful…as usual. Well Friday night Olivia and I met Tonya, Cole and Kennedy at Golden Corral for dinner. Then we went back to their house for a while. We didn’t get home until 11:20pm and then I was up off and on during the night thanks to Olivia and her allergies. This year she has been having an awful time with them and it seems like they are getting worse and not any better. I have already started her on Claritin for Children to see if this helps any. Plus she’s also getting a over the counter decongest as well to try to help which doesn’t seem to be helping at all. We just wish it would really rain so that the pollen would be down for a while. Oh well…guess mother nature has her own thoughts now.

Saturday we went to meet my good friend Kim from Maryland for lunch at Cracker Barrel. She was coming down to NC to stay with her cousin for the week and called me up to see me. I suggested Cracker Barrel since it wasn’t too far off from I-95. We had a great talk in catching up with each other and she looked great. She seems like she is really doing good for herself. Then Olivia and I went on over to Walmart to pick up a few things. We got of course some potting soil so that we could plant some of the seeds we got. Then we also picked up a few other key essentials we did need like dog food and different things like that. Then from there we went home and let Olivia try to take a nap but that didn’t happen at all. Instead she came outside with me while I tried to plant some seeds in my greenhouse and also in my pots. I can’t wait until it’s time to really plant them. I need to purchase some other pots and things like that. Plus I need to find some tomato plants since Terry wants me to do it that way. Oh well…we’ll see I guess. For dinner we had Wendy’s and Hardees. They are getting slower at both but it will be ok I guess.

Yesterday we went to Tarboro and had lunch with Terry’s parents. Olivia did not take a nap again but I did. I so needed to take one because of the little sleep I had gotten the night before. Terry hadn’t gone to bed yet but it was nice of him to stay up with her while the others got to take a nap. After we left from there we went on over to Target for some things…which I still forgot to get and then we went and got dinner at Chili’s. Mmm…it was so good! Olivia ate good too since she didn’t eat lunch very well at all. We went home afterwards, got her into bed and got lots of calls from Terry’s mom. We were trying to find somewhere to have Olivia’s 3rd birthday Party. Oak Level Ruitan Club was already booked for that day and so we decided on having her party at Pizza Inn off of Hunter Hill Road. We are so happy that we have found some where to have it at.

Now tonight I am going to go to either Walmart or Target to pick up Invitations and I am obviously going to have go to the post office and pick up stamps. We are all out of the 37 cent ones finally!! If my brother isn’t doing anything for his birthday tonight then we’ll be taking him out to Cold Stone to get some birthday Ice Cream! Maybe my sister will be able to go as well and we’ll have a good time too. It’ll be fun!

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