Today has seemed like it has gone by so slow. Yes today we have been a little more proactive then we were the last two days at work but still…what is up with the candidate flow? It’s been very slow the past month now. I have two candidates on another interview Monday so keep your fingers and toes crossed that something good will come out of this interview. It’s the second interview. So we’ll have to see. I’m praying though for a good outcome on both candidates. Tonight for dinner is leftover from last nights spaghetti dinner. It was very good and tonight the sauce should be even better. Yummy! Terry is also off tonight but might have to go into work tomorrow night as well. Bummer…I had hoped that he and I could go out together for a night out on the town. Maybe go bowling or go see a movie but now that is up in the air because someone needs off. This is the one thing about him working at a local police station because he’s always on call and sometimes it’s hard to get out of town together without him having just two days off in a row.

Well I am still not feeling good in the mornings and if I’m still ill this weekend then I’ll go get something that might put a little ease in my mind about something. Anyways, last night I made some spaghetti and for once Olivia ate just about all of what was on her plate and a peice of bread. She was a hungry little booger! Tonight I might allow her to eat some chicken instead of the spaghetti so that there will be enough for Terry and I. I also sat down and watched “The Gaurdian” which was very good. I highly suggest getting it to rent because it’s something that really touched my heart because for a long time I had planned on going in the Coast Guard but never really thought I could do anything for myself in there. I now have more respect for the men and women who risk their lives each and every day that they are part of this amazing team. I didn’t cry until the end which was very heart felt in my lives.

This weekend not planning on doing much…just going to spend some time cleaning up the house so that once again we can reorganize some of the rooms that we have junk in. Oh well, I better get going and go pick up my little one. Have a great day!

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