This weekend wasn’t too bad. We were sick most of the weekend and Terry had to work. Friday night we went out to dinner at Bojangles and then went on to Target to get a few things from there and then it was on off to home. Saturday again wasn’t too eventful. We mainly stayed around the house with the exception we went to the Goodwill store and then went on over to Walmart. Ok so I obviously wasn’t thinking or didn’t have my brain turned on because it was extremely busy at Walmart. Yeah it didn’t take me a few minutes to think why they were so busy until I was in the checkout line and looked into one lady’s cart and noticed a Bears/Colts cake. They were all shopping for the Superbowl! We hurried on up and got out of there with the items we needed and then we went on back home for the rest of the night. That night we had hotdogs, and I didn’t have much of an appetite and just instead only ate one Hotdog and then went back to cooking my cake. Olivia so wanted cupcakes but I decided that they wouldn’t last too long in the house so we decided to bake a heart shaped cake instead. I found the cake pan at Ross for $2.99 which normally in the stores it would have been almost $10 for it. I’m so glad that I decided to go to Ross as well on saturday while Olivia napped in the stroller for a good 30 minutes. I just took my time in the store so that she would have a good nap.
Well the cake turned out very well and everything was made from scratch. I have decided that instead of purchasing the cake mix from the stores because mainly I have been having some reactions with them as well. Don’t know if its because they have been contaminated with peanuts or what so I just don’t purchase them anymore. It was a pretty easy recipe I followed and I even made the buttercream icing as well. Again very easy to make. This cake was really a test cake because I promised to make a cake for the church on the 14th and I think that instead of using the heart shaped pan I might either make some cupcakes or I will use a 9×13 pan instead. I will also take my time a little bit more with the decorating of the cake since it was really my first cake I have ever decorated I want to make sure it looks really presentable. Who knows I might even start up a cake business on the side since it really doesn’t take that much to make one either with the ingredients that I used. I am also going to try to make a Cream cheese icing instead to make it a little better and healthier. Olivia aslo helped out with the making of the cake and icing and I had icing splattered all over the wall in the kitchen where she tried to help out with the mixer.
Today we are at home because Olivia is sick with a good 102 fever and I am sick as well still. The medicine is taking a hard hit on my stomach and I woke up this morning feeling very nauseous. I almost feel like I’m pregnant and I have a complete doubt that I am but it’s just that strange feeling like I am. Oh well, I don’t think it’s anything to get excited about. Could be all of the meds I’m taking to try to get better or it could be because my blood sugar is high. This morning it was 133 and I really didn’t eat much last night before I headed to bed. It seems Olivia has gone back to bed because I hear nothing coming from the living room as I’m in the bedroom trying to work but instead I’m here blogging. I better get back to work.
Enjoy the pictures of the cake and also of Olivia. 🙂

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