I know the past couple of days I have been very slack about updating the blog but things for us have been very hectic. Lets see, on Monday evening I went and had my hair highlighted and trimmed up since I hadn’t had it done since before the summer. Then we went back to Tonya’s house and went for a walk in her neighborhood. That’s the one thing that I do wish we lived in is a nice neighborhood. Unfortunately we don’t and well we have a gravel road to walk on but I would go all the way down the road because the neighbor’s are absolutely nuts!!! We know drugs are coming out of the homes because some of the homes look like crap but they are driving around nice cars and have people come to their homes with Escalade’s and all that and only stay for like 5-10 mins. I’ll so be happy when they get busted!!!

Tuesday was a not so fun day, I woke up with a sore throat and started drinking some warm tea with honey and trying not to use my voice very much. But in a way it’s kinda hard when you talk all day to people. Anyways, Tuesday night Terry had to work and well Livy and I just ate at home. She had chicken nuggets as usual and I had a chef boyardee cup. It was ok but I wasn’t too hungry either. I did however manage to catch a little glimpse of American Idol which was funny but not as funny as last nights was. Yesterday was kinda busy yet slow at work but did go by fast. Again I tried drinking more Hot tea with honey and it seemed to do the trick again for the most part but then by the night it was hurting again. I believe I have a sinus infection and possibly an ear infection too but I’m not going to go to the doctor unless I get in worse shape than I am now. Livy however has a nice rash all over her face and now down her neck and little bits all over her torso. She complains that it itches and I think it might be her eczema flaring up again. Just when i just got it under control with the eczema cream I purchased saturday for her poor little butt. It looks much better now that I’ve been applying the cream. Oh well, if she breaks out anymore then I’ll have to take her to the doctor, plus she has a pretty nasty cough so I guess I’ll have to break down and take her if she’s not better by monday. Last night for dinner we went to Subway and it was delicious. Livy actually ate half of her turkey sandwich so she got to eat a special treat when we got home. Terry and I fed Zeus together and it was bitter cold out.

This morning when we woke up there was snow and sleet on the ground and ice covering the steps, van and truck. It’s only 30 degree’s outside so it’s very cold out for NC. I’m so glad that we got to experience the winter weather this year instead of again not getting anything. They were talking at daycare that they might close it down early since some of the parents didn’t take their children there because of this mess. See people down here don’t know how to drive in this mess so thank goodness I know how to. I mean some people aren’t too careful when they drive in the snow and ice and so they go slipping and sliding all over the place. This morning I almost had a driver behind me hit me, thank goodness the light turned green just in time or else I would have had a messed up van. Not my fault though. Well everyone stay safe out there and if you do have to drive make sure you take it nice and slow. It took me a little longer this morning to get to daycare and work but it was well worth it! Sunday we’re supposed to be getting more of this winter weather! I’m glad it’s finally feeling more like winter!!!

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