Happy New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe tonight at midnight it will be a new year. It’ll already be 2007! That means only 2 more years until Livy’s in Kindergarten! OMG!!! It’s not too far away either!!! Well today I went to Tarboro and we ate lunch and had our opening of gifts from Shelley and the crew. Livy got a new sweater from The Children’s Place and a new book with songs and a new purse. Terry and I got a gift card from Target for $50. Thank you so much Jim, Shelley, Justin and Jamie. We really appreciate it. Livy has been kind of rebellious today for one not wanting to do what she needs to do. She went down for a late nap because she didn’t want to lay down early. That means she’s not going to be in bed early. Oh well, I’ll have to wait for my bath until after she’s down for the night. I couldn’t understand why I have been so emotional and moody lately until last night around midnight. Well my monthly came early again and this time it’s very painful. Anyways, enough about that…I know you all don’t want to hear about that. But that’s the life a woman. Terry’s home and he’s already yelling at Livy about God knows what? She’s being a typical 2 year old. Get over it!!!

Tomorrow starts a new me! I will begin exercising (hopefully with the Nike+ Sports Kit), Dancing, Using my Tai-Bo BootCamp Set, and eating healthier. I even purchased some of the Kelloggs Special K Cereal and snack bars instead of candy. I’ll also be eating less meat than I have and more veggies. I want to lose enough weight by summer to wear a two piece swimsuit (or at least a one piece that doesn’t make me look like a blimp!) Well I will keep up with my new years resolution because I want to be back to the way I looked before my surgery and my pregnancy. Plus I have a great support group of my friends and family and my husband who is happy with the way I am now…but I want more!

This evening while playing around on the computer I found several pictures of Livy from when she was born. She’s so adorable. It’s hard to believe that she will be 3 April 26th! I can’t believe my baby girl is growing up on me so fast. Times do fly by when you have a family!

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