I have noticed that whenever it’s the end of the week I’m not in a good mood at all but suprisingly I am. Go Figure. Could it be that it’s Friday? Or could it be that Sunday is New Year’s Eve night and we have no plans? What’s new!!! Last year Terry worked NYE night so I stayed at home and slept instead. I am hoping and praying that maybe I can find a sitter and we can go bowling or something. I really enjoy bowling and it’s something that I haven’t done in forever. Well I decided to change my hair style or at least try something new. I’m forever looking for ways to change my hair if its either dying it with a new fad color, highlighting it or cutting it. But it’s taken over a year to get my hair this long and well I don’t think I’m going to be cutting it anytime soon. I might even just let it be long for the summer too. We’ll see though when the time comes.

Last night Livy and I went to Walmart first to see if they had what I was looking for but of course they didn’t. It’s like everyone in the brother got an iPod Nano for Christmas and all of the excellent items were gone. I was hoping that I could find everything at Walmart but unforntunately I couldn’t. I did however pick up a few things that I did need like new shampoo and conditioner that are just like Matrix but without the high cost per bottle (Thank you Suave!) and also picked up a couple more drinks and of course we had to get spongebob cereal for Livy. Yummy. After Walmart we went on over to Target where again I was planning on getting the Nike+ Sports Kit and the arm band for running/jogging but they were out of them and didn’t know when they would be getting anymore. How disappointing! Terry told me that we might take a drive out to Raleigh on Monday and see what we can find for me. We do want to be lient on our money but at least we have some. Plus he gets paid next Friday! I did however pick up a gift set of the Britney Spears Purfume, Curious, and a bar of soap that had a glowing duck in the middle of it for Livy. She gave me those puppy dog eyes and said “pleasssseee mommy”, how could I resist. I’m such a sucker for when she does that to me. She’s learned fast though! LOL. On our way out of Target I went to Starbucks and got a Tall Gingerbread Latte. Yummy! I should have gotten the Grande though because it was extra yummy last night! Afterwards we debated on where we were going to eat at and we decided on going to eat at Chick-fil-a. It was good but not as good as it normally was. Livy last night wanted me to play more games but I told her I would play a game with her tonight. She agreed with me to do so. So now Terry will have to play the games along with us. I am still pretty sleepy. I tossed and turned all night and now just feel wiped out.

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