Yesterday I had to go pick Livy up from daycare because she had already had 2 terrible BM’s and she was also running a slight fever. I went ahead and picked her up, and had planned on working some while she was down for her nap but that didn’t ever happen. She was the normal clingy 2 year old who just wanted to sit with mommy and watch tv or a movie. So I broke down and we watched ‘The Little Mermaid’ and another movie but I was so sick of watching tv by the time she had gone to bed. She took a late afternoon nap and I just played mostly on the computer I guess. I was trying different things on it seeing if it would speed up the computer but it didn’t help. I think after having this desktop for almost 5 years its time for a new one. Its’ just running super slow and we keep having problems with the screen blacking out on us. I can’t believe I paid all the money for it and I’m already having problems. I am also going to have to call Dell about our laptop because one of the USB ports on the back is not working correctly. It’s the one my mouse is usually hooked up to and there are times that it doesn’t work at all. I then have to unplug it and hook it up to the side USB port.

Anyways, today Livy again stayed at home. She still didn’t feel good and had a pretty nasty cough. Also we’re not counting the time that she got sick overnight and I of course was the only one home at the time. Oh another thing that I did purchase is a Philips Senseo for only $15. I had signed up for one in October and after not hearing from them after almost 3 months I just figured I didn’t qualify for one. Wrong! They just ran out of the supply they had so I went ahead and ordered 2. I am going to get one for me and then I might give the other one away as a gift or something. The neat thing about this one though is it comes with A Senseo Machine, 24+ Coffee Pods (flavored ones too) and 2 Pod Canisters for them. They said they should arrive to us in 3-4 weeks only I have heard that some people have already gotten theres after only 1 week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they arrive sooner. Another cool thing about these are Senseo now makes Tea pods and I might even try them. It’ll be nice to have something to make tea in too. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Just Kidding. Today since Livy couldn’t go to daycare, I stayed home with her this morning and Terry stayed home with her this afternoon. Poor thing didn’t get any rest at all today and he worked all night last night. I still have to study but I am praying that I will do good on my test tomorrow. I am so glad this is the last test I have to take in this class! It’s been a pretty difficult class and well I’m just ready for it to be over with.

Ok so it’s only 8:30pm and I’m so ready to go to bed. I think I’ll go study now and then its off to bed for me. Livy’s already in bed and I think Terry has already dozed off to slumber land. Here’s a picture of me when I was skinny and full of energy! One day I will get back down to that size and I feel it’s going to be in 2007!!!

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