Ya know I still have to tell Terry what I want for Christmas and I really don’t know yet? I am thinking of telling him to purchase me something from Victoria Secret like underwear or even a sleepshirt or something. I also would love to have some Clinique Makeup or maybe some Mineral Makeup but that will have to wait until I guess I get paid next time. I have a real good feeling that my girl who went on an interview yesterday will be working for O’Charley’s by the new year. Keep your fingers crossed that it happens. 🙂

Terry has also told me tonight to check with Embarq and see how much high speed internet is with them and also see what it would cost to have an 800 number attached to our house phone number? I am thinking of using an 800 number so that if we can ever get this office cleaned out then I can work from home and not have a problem with having to worry about our phones being busy all the time and us having to use our cell phones each and every time. To tell you the truth if we could get cable out here we would much rather have that then a regular house phone in the first place. Ugg, why can’t we live in the city? Anyways, I better get off here….I’m exhausted. Terry told me that he had no idea what I went through and how strong you have to be to keep a sick 2 year old. I could have told him that but he only kept her for a couple hours and not the entire day. That would have been a diaster to tell you the truth!!

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