This week has flown by without a doubt. About Wednesday it felt like it was going by so slow but now it’s going by fast. It seems like it should already be Christmas but wait we have the nice warm weather but the cold weather is coming soon we hope. A couple nights ago I took some pictures of Livy by the Christmas Tree and they turned out so good. I ordered our Christmas Cards last night from winkflash and have found that they even gave us a 40% discount off each card. So instead of paying Walmart $.39 plus the 1 hour fee when instead I paid $.23 each plus $5.98 shipping and handling. I also found that the picture quality is much better on Winkflash than on Walmart’s website. Last year I did order from Walmart and the quality of the picture was not that good at all. It was very fuzzy and all. So I am going to be sending Christmas cards out next week. Tonight Terry has to work but he finally has Saturday off which means we’ll be going to his parents house and letting Livy and Terry see his parents. I might even suggest us going to Everleans for Lunch because I so miss eating there. 🙂 Tonight I am going to have hotdogs for dinner and chips. Not a big dinner what so ever but it’ll be ok. 🙂 Anyways, let me get back to work…have a great day ya’ll!

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