Today was an awesome day to sleep in and that’s exactly what we did. Terry had to be at work at 1am to 7am and then had court all morning long. We expected him to come home much later than he did. Well once I got up, I took a nice long, warm shower, got dressed and then went in to get up Livy. She and I had already been up once before, ate breakfast and then watched a little tube before laying back down for another quick nap. Well after I got her up and dressed he asked if I wanted to run into town without her and of course I said “Yes! That would be great honey, thank you!,” then he said that because he didn’t get to sleep much yesterday that I should take her with me. Yeah Thanks a lot Terry! She acted up once we got into Target and I got her situated in the cart. She kept taking the items that I already had in the cart and throwing them out of the cart because she told me she wanted to lay down. Well with all that said and done with I was in and out of there in a flash because it was obvious she wasn’t going to behave. After we were done shopping at Target, I went and got myself a Grande White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks and then ran the other few errands I had to do.

Tonight for dinner was frozen pizza that I didn’t care for but thank you sweetie for cooking it. It’s the thought that counts. Before dinner and before the lady from Rainbow came to show us the rainbow, I made a cake for tomorrow at my in-laws. I made an Apple Delight cake and it turned out perfect. I am going to make a Black Forest Cake for my parents house in the morning. After seeing what the Rainbow will do I definately want one but we just can’t afford one at this time. Maybe I can work on getting more placements in and then go from there. Well I’m getting ready to go lay in bed and read before dozing off. Good night and Happy Early Thanksgiving. We’ll be up watching the Macy’s Day Parade on TV and then I’ll be making Breakfast too! Mmmm…can’t wait!

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