Last night I met Terry at Alltel to pick out a new phone for him. I told him it would be his christmas gift but he would get it early. Well after I left he ended up purchasing one for me too. Crazy isn’t it? I didn’t even want a new one now but whatever, I got one and it’s even got a camera on it now. Well after I left Alltel I went over to Target to pick up a few things and then we went to Burger King (not by my choice) to eat dinner. I didn’t feel like cooking so we went out to eat. I have been trying to eat healthy lately and that was so not healthy! After we got home I had to study some for my test today and we put Livy down for bed.

This morning I was waken up by my sister calling me. I couldn’t believe it was already 8:30 am and I was still in bed. That’s a first in a while. She was calling me to ask me if I would drop off Livy at the house (mom & dad’s) because she had Meatball (her english bulldog) with her and didn’t want him to get anything he shouldn’t have at our house. That was fine with me. I got up and got dressed and then got Livy dressed and left for their house. After I got there Livy told Aunt Lizabeth that she was hungry although she had already eaten a banana at home. So as I was leaving for school to take my test, my sister was making pancakes for them. I went and took the test and felt good after taking it. I didn’t go back and change my answers like I always do because I feel that isn’t good at all and that’s why I do bad. Afterwards I went to Lowes Food to pick up some things for dinner tonight and tomorrow night. For lunch we had a turkey sandwich and then it was nap time for us. I didn’t really clean up because I just didn’t feel like it. Tonight for dinner I made London Broil marinated in light olive oil, with some thyme, oregano and parsley mixed in (very tasty) and some potato’s in the same pan as the london broil. Mmmm…Lets say that there is no more leftovers. I also gave Livy her bath and put her down for bed. She was lucky enough to watch some of the movie “Annie” before going to bed and before dinner. Tomorrows dinner is going to be a small roaster chicken, baked potato’s and carrots and a nice salad. mmm…can’t wait! Well I guess I better get off here and go read some of my book then head to bed. Good night!

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