So yesterday I took off from work and I decided it was going to be Fall Cleaning day. I got up early, got dressed and took Olivia to daycare. After dropping her off I went back home and started working on the Kitchen. I needed to clean up the Kitchen nook since we had junk piled up there of things that needed to get out to the shed or taken to Goodwill. I found several things that I didn’t know we still had and went ahead and put them in their places that they belonged and also to have taken away. I am going to be going through Olivia’s toy’s this weekend and sorting through them to see what toys she plays with and what she does not anymore. For the toys that she does not then I will see if the church needs them or see if My Sister’s House (A refuge house for abused mothers and their children) needs them by any chance. I also cleaned up the rest of the kitchen including doing another load of dirty dishes in the dishwasher. After cleaning the kitchen up I went and took a shower and then took off a load of trash to the dump. I met Melissa for lunch at the mall and had a nice roast beef on wheat bread sub and then went to sears to order my glasses. I also after that went to Target to pick up a few items and then went to Lowe’s Home Improvement store to pick up an outside trash can for the house. After grabbing a few things there I went on back home and finished up with everything.

By that time it was time to pick up Olivia from daycare and then we went to visit with Jenifer. She and I had a good visit and so did Olivia since she was playing with Cal and Ben in their playroom. After our visit we went to Lowe’s food and picked up some groceries for dinner and sandwich makings. After we got home I fixed Olivia a turkey sandwich with my cut-n-seal and then gave her some extra turkey like she asked for. Terry and I had leftover chili that his mom made Tuesday night and had some Texas Toast. I also made an Angel Food Cake in my new Fluted Stoneware pan that we’re going to have tonight for dessert. I highly recommend to anyone who loves to cook to get this pan because you can put it in the oven, microwave and also in the freezer. You can’t beat that at all! Tonight for dinner we’re going to have baked boneless pork chops, some organic corn and maybe some type of fruit. For dessert we’ll have the Angel Food Cake, with some Organic Blueberries and some whipped topping. Mmm…tasty! I can’t wait until I can taste of it. Tomorrow I’ll be cleaning some more and might even start to go looking for a new kitchen table for our nook area (it was a gift from my parents for my birthday 2 years ago) and maybe also a cake stand with a top on it. I think that i will be making many more cakes now that I know I can cook again in my own kitchen.

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