Today the cold front has been pushing through and this morning when I left for work it was 68 degrees and by 2pm it had already dropped down to 62 and steadly dropping. Don’t get me wrong I love the cooler weather but I guess I wasn’t prepared for it because I had on my rainbows today. Yeah I know real bright! Anyways, I worked for part of the day and the other part I was playing around. It was a hectic/slow day all in one. I wish we had our internet working part of the day instead of it keep going out on us. We ended up just giving up early because of the weather and the internet. I went and picked Livy up from daycare and then we went to dinner. We ate at Bojangles and I had planned on going to the Pumpkin Festival but since it’s raining I’m sure not a lot was going to happen anyways. This weekend we’re I guess going to take it easy. Livy did get her movie The Little Mermaid and has been watching it over and over. I’m already tired of the movie and she’s only had it for a couple of days. Oh well, that’s life for a mom of a toddler.

This weekend we had planned on going to see Open Season but since everyone else has plans, we might wait to go see the movie. I really want to go so we’ll see I guess. I might see what times its playing at Premier Theaters tomorrow and take her to go see it still. We’ll have to get popcorn and a drink too. Although she’ll probably just drink her juice and eat a healthy snack instead. Thursday Livy’s daycare is going to the Pumpkin Farm in Red Oak and I’ve decided to go along with her. It’s her very first field trip and I pray that it’s not going to rain that day. I want to take lots of pictures too. Oh well we’ll see when it comes closer to Thursday. Well Livy is in bed for now and I think I’m going to go take a shower and then go to bed. It’s been a pretty crappy week for me with getting a little visitor this week to help drag me down. But that’s life.

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