Friday I made it home safely from Greensboro! I learned a lot while in the boot camp and boy am I glad I went. I had a great time with Gina, Melanie and everyone else in the class. Thanks to mom and dad for watching Livy for me while I was out of town. Terry had to work Friday night and Saturday night so I really didn’t get to see him much at all. Saturday Livy and I decided to get out of the house for a little bit. First we had to take Zeus to the vets because he has all of these little sores all over him but he’s now on medication and I was told to bring him back on Monday for a medicated bath. Plus they weighed him to see how big he had gotten since the last time we were there and man has he really grown! At 10 months old he’s a whopping 63 pounds compared to the last time we were there in May he was 29 lbs. Then we went on home and dropped him off and allowed Livy to take a nap. After that we went on out to Rocky mount for a little bit. I was on the search for a new comforter for our bed and a few other things. Our comforter has seen better days and finally it was time for a new one. I looked in Bed, Bath and Beyond but didn’t find anything that I liked so we walked over to Ross to check it out. I’m so glad that its opened and it was the Grand Opening of it this weekend so things were a little hectic there. I found some really neat things in there and even bought Livy a couple new clothes that I saw and of course had to get for her. I found a pair of Oshkosh Overalls, and a couple of Oshkosh shirts she could have used and she bought with her money a “Bob the Builder” DVD. Then we walked over to the homes department and I found a couple comforter I liked but there was one in particular I fell in love with. It’s made by Tommy Hillfiger and is Black with Lime Green and little almost off white boxes all over it. I’ll take a picture of it later on. I am thinking that this weekend is going to be Fall cleaning day! I’m finally going to go through all of the boxes and things in the office/spare bedroom and get rid of most of the items in them that we will never use again. There’s no need in keeping them if we have or never plan on using them. Plus I’m going to move my sewing Machine in here and also bring in the chair out of Livy’s room and place in here.

Sunday we didn’t go over to Terry’s parents because Livy has been sick all weekend and well we honestly didn’t feel like driving there. We both were exhausted and well we needed the rest. That evening we went to Lonestar to eat dinner where I got a ribeye steak and took most of it home. Terry ate most of his steak and then we took Livy’s chicken home. I am definately thinking of becoming a full fledged Vegan at the start of the new year (with eating chicken every now and then). We also went to Walmart to grab a few things that we needed, such as medicines and I needed more Rice Milk. I was on my last one yesterday! It’s funny how fast they can go when you drink it often, but I love my milk and I won’t be going back to the other milk either. We also picked up some new pillowcases to match our new Bedset so that was fun picking them out! After we got Livy home from being out and about she got sick all over the floor (luckily there was a blanket there that she got instead of the carpet) and well she was burning up. When I finally took her temp she was running a 103.7 so we immediately got her into a luke warm bath to help bring the fever down. We also had to get up around midnight and the same thing had happened. Today, I didn’t send her to daycare and I finally took her to the doctors. She weighed in at 32 lbs which is an ideal weight for her age and I was so happy too! She just has a viral infection and there’s nothing that the doctors can do but we are doing exactly what should be done. This morning I also took Zeus back to the vets to let them give him his bath that was needed. It’s like when it rains, it really pours doesn’t it? Well I need to go get him right now and then maybe we might do dinner out tonight again. I don’t know yet or it just might be some chicken noodle soup!

I’m too tired to post any pictures right now but I’ll post some tonight when I have more time. Have to go get Zeus from the vets right now. I might even get a bug up my butt and go to walmart later to paint one of the rooms…just don’t know which one to do…it might be the spare bathroom since we rarely use it anyways and get some paint for Livy’s room to do later on too!

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