Well the past two days have been trying. On Monday afternoon I received a phone call from Ashely (Livy’s Teacher) to tell me to come pick her up. She was running a fever and just not acting like her normal happy self. So I went and picked her up and then went to the store to get more medicine only to find out that they have stopped selling and making Tylenol Simply Stuffy. I went ahead and got some Cold and Allergy med instead which she doesn’t like taking even though it tastes like orange. Then we went over to Jenifer’s house so that I could drop off her makeup and also I could order something from her for Pampered Chef. She was having a party that evening but since Livy was sick or not feeling well I didn’t stay for that. I did however order a Apple Wedger, a Cut n seal (makes your sandwiches like the frozen ones from Smuckers) and also a Fluted Stoneware Bunt cake dish. I can’t wait until I get all of those. Well I have also booked a show for November 13th which I believe is a Monday and I can’t wait either. I have never had a show of any sorts and I know this will be fun!!!

Tuesday, Livy got up late and I checked her temp, she was still running a fever of 102 degrees and well I just couldn’t take her to daycare with that high of a fever. So we stayed at home and just took it easy instead. I feel like I’m coming down with something but to tell you the truth I think it’s just allergies. We just lounged around the house instead of going out anywhere. I also did a couple things around the house and also downloaded a few things. We did watch a couple movies with Livy since she didn’t feel good. I normally have been not letting her watch as much TV as usual but whenever she doesn’t feel well or is home sick I let her watch a little TV. Terry and I also talked about getting a DVR for the Living Room because when we’re not at home we would like to stay up on some of our favorite tv shows or documentaries that we like to watch. Last night we did have to run into town to return a pair of jeans I bought for Terry (we found more jeans that night I bought them) and then went to Walmart to pick up some dog food, and some other miscellanous items we needed. Livy also bought with her money a princess tea set which will get lots of use out tonight I’m sure. I’ll try to take a picture of her playing with that. I am also going to think about going ahead and purchasing some paint to redo her room in maybe this weekend. Just have to see how the funds are hanging on. Well let me get back to work. Since I was out yesterday and will be traveling tomorrow and Friday for work I need to get some things completed. Ok so I don’t have any new pictures so let me find a good picture to put on here…..Classic…Livy’s First Snow in North Carolina and First Christmas! (I love the winter!!!!)

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