Luckily it didn’t rain for us this weekend thankfully, even though it looked like it was going to start to down pour at any moment. On Thursday night, Terry and I had our first date in a long time without a child with us. We went to Ichibon’s Japanese Restaurant and it was outstanding. I had plenty of leftovers and well it was more than we could eat so the remaining of my dinner I took home for lunch on Friday. Thank you Elizabeth for watching Olivia for us while we went out, we couldn’t have done it without you! On Friday nothing really happened. It was payday for both Terry and I so we didn’t really do much. We did go to Goody’s for some new jeans for Terry and I was looking for a couple polo shirts which I found. I also found some really cute John Deere outfits for Livy but decided not to get them at that time. Christmas is coming up and well we will just wait! For dinner we ate at Taco Bell and Livy had Chick-Fil-A.

Saturday we got up early because we had to be in Tarboro by 11:30 am for the Picinic we had to attend for Terry’s 15 year Class Reunion. We did have a great time at the park because Livy loves the slides and such. We got some really good pictures of her having a good time too! Saturday evening around 7pm we had the actual class reunion to go to and again had a good time. This time Terry’s parents watched Livy for us so that we could go enjoy ourselves without her. I thing that it was good for just the two of us to spend some quality time with other adults. Plus I know that I was the youngest there compared to being in my 30’s. I still have 5 more years until I do hit 30. YES! Today I went to church and Livy had a good time at the nursery and then we went back to my inlaws to eat lunch. After lunch I went to Walmart for a couple of things and then went on back for a nap. When we left Tarboro we went on over to Target to pick out a new carseat for Livy. I have been trying to hold off as long as I could but it seems my little girl has just outgrown her last one she had. I got the Eddie Bauer Deluxe High Back Booster seat which means we don’t have to get another carseat/booster seat when she gets old enough for one! YES! Well I need to go do a few things before bed time. I’ll try to write more tomorrow. Good Night!

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