This week has flown by so fast. It’s so hard to believe that it’s Thursday afternoon! Time does fly by when you stay busy. Lets see what has happened this week….Tuesday I went into work early and left early so that I could see Terry before he left for the Poison/Cinderella Concert in Raleigh. I was going to see him when he got home but that wasn’t good enough for Livy and I (we wanted to see Daddy!). Well he and Daniel went to the concert and got home around midnight or a little after. Of course both of them drank but that’s nothing new when they get around and hang out with old friends. I’m so glad they had a good time though. I bought Terry the tickets for his 33rd birthday and well I’m glad he took Daniel with him. Daniel was in our wedding and he is such a sweetie. He and I are planning a trip to Maryland and even if he can’t meet up with my friend MaryEllen then he wants to at least get out of the house for a while. Not a problem with me…I have been wanting to head to Maryland anyways so it all works out for the best. So now we are just planning a trip up there. YES!!! Also Livy got a new haircut as well…I was trimming her hair and well she turned her head for just a minute and well snip went the hair. It’s now shoulder length but it looks good and a lot cooler too.

Yesterday we did really nothing at all. I stayed busy all day and well that’s about it. I called MaryEllen to see about making plans to come up there for a couple days but never really got to talk to her long. She was at work and she couldn’t talk. I did call Terry last night and got Daniel’s Cell phone number so that when I do get in touch with her I can call him too. Livy and I both went to bed early last night. I was so tired from the night before staying up late talking to Daniel and Terry and well Livy just didn’t take a long nap at daycare. Today has been quite an interesting day. Nothing really happening though. I am not going to complain though. I need a break from work. Tonight at 5pm I have to be at school so that I can do this orientation for my online class. Then I don’t know what I’ll do. Probably go home and eat cereal again for dinner.

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