Today I went by so fast! I got up early today for once and took Livy to daycare as always…plus she had a good day at daycare again. I am so happy that she is finally on the road to fully potty trained. She didn’t have an accident all day and all day yesterday and was wearing big girl panties. I am so proud of you Livy! She now gets to go to either Target or Wal-Mart and pick out a new toy or prize of her choice. She even went to the bathroom at Texas Steakhouse and she was so proud of herself. I can’t wait until she is really potty trained because then that means no more buying diapers or pull-ups. Yes! Saving Money!

Right now I am really into saving money for our family. I want to be able to take a trip to either Disney World next year or taking a cruise. It will be really fun so every little bit helps. We went to the grocery store tonight and we got tons of things we needed. We figured that if we go shopping like every 2 weeks for groceries and only eat out like once then we would be saving tons of money. I feel like going to McDonald’s and to fast food restaurants are a waste of time since I have been cooking at home. I have already lost 5lbs this week alone and I am still on the way of losing more weight. Yes!! Maybe by next summer I’ll be able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes that I have been holding onto just in case. I did treat myself to lunch yesterday at Subway, but didn’t get anything really extra on it compared to normal and I also treated myself to Wendy’s today but that’s it for a while until I lose more weight.

I have finally finished my Mei Tai and at first Livy wasn’t too keen on it but now she is really into it. When I was cooking dinner she wanted to ride on mommy’s back and so as I was cooking dinner she was on my back. She really likes not having to walk and get worn out, especially on these hot days we have been having. I am thinking of making another one with maybe less material. This being my first one made I really am happy with it. We also went for a walk around the yard with it and she liked being able to pet Zeus without being toppled over by him. He is still a puppy and wants to play but is too big for her right now. He will protect us though. I am also thinking of making a Hotsling as well. It’s just something to really think about.

Tonight I made dinner of Multi-Grain Spaghetti, Plain Sauce and had some rice. We had a nice sit down dinner and Terry was glad that we had spaghetti. Tomorrow night I think we are going to have either leftovers or Hotdogs, just depends on the mood I’m in I guess. Plus with Terry working Day Shift it should be a little better I guess with having help with Livy tomorrow night. I am also going to make a pie for the weekend and it will be so good.

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