Wow!!! What a Great Monday it is!!

Wow!! That’s all I can say about today. Today I woke up with a migraine and still went into work. I was really not looking forward to today because of it being the start of a new week but I went in anyways. I felt that I really needed to get a few things done today and well I am glad that I did. I had to make a phone call this morning to wish a candidate “Good Luck” with an interview he had with Hooter’s. I am so excited because I got a phone call today at 2:43pm saying he starts Tomorrow! Wow, I have never had a Candidate go on a first interview and get hired! Wow is all I can say!!!

This weekend wasn’t too eventful for us at all. Friday night we watched PBS Sprout Channel on T.V. for a little bit. Then I watched 20/20 at 10pm on Gas Savers, and Breastfeeding. Oh how I could have wished Livy could have breastfed but she had some problems with her stomach and intestines that she couldn’t accept my breastmilk no matter how much I changed my diet around and well she had to be put onto Neocate which came from the U.K. and was very expensive. Anyways, Saturday it was way to hot to do anything outside so we played some games inside and just took it easy. Then Sunday we went to Tarboro for lunch as usual and then went to Missy’s house in Louisburg. We had a good time there and then came home last night around 9pm. Livy was so worn out but it was a good day.

This week is going to be getting into the triple digits and I just know that I am going to be miserable if we go outside and play. I was planning on taking Livy to the playground one afternoon but it looks like we will have to wait until the weather cools off a little bit. Its very hot outside as we speak and I just wish that it was going to be a little cooler but oh well. I also wish that we had a free pool that we could go to in the neighborhood but we don’t because we live in the country. Plus here in NC alot of the pools are owned by Country Clubs or Recreation ones that you have to belong to which we don’t. Maybe one day we can have our own pool in our own backyard. But for the time being we have to just deal with going to my Brother In-laws house using theirs and also our little blow up pool.

Tonight I am cooking dinner. I was thinking of cooking Top sirlions on the grill and using lots of fresh veggies and even a salad. I want to make this dinner very good and I am so happy that I have gotten in the mood to cook again. It first saves us money and it also helps us just eat a little healthier than we would get eating out. Maybe on Friday we can go out to eat as celebration for not eating out for 2 weeks. Yes!!!

Here is a picture of Olivia from when she was a baby. She really has grown since this picture and it’s hard to believe that I have a 2 year old running around the house. And what is Sleep now a days? We don’t get much of that anymore…she’d rather play and have fun than sleep!

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