Yesterday turned into be a pretty good day. I woke up late but that is nothing new although getting up early this morning was! We made it to daycare and let’s say Livy didn’t want mommy to leave. she kept telling me…”mommy don’t leave me!” I felt bad but I had to go to work. It’s something that I had to do to keep the $$ coming into the house. One of my candidates had a phone interview yesterday morning and it went so nice. I am glad to hear that she is going to be set up with an Area Director! Yeah…she is so into the client and I’m glad for that as well.

Tuesday night I didn’t go to the meeting for MK but I had to watch Livy. My brother and sister didn’t get home from MD until around 7pm so I wouldn’t have made it there anyways. Instead I got a nice phone call from one of my best friends in Maryland, Jessica. I am so happy that she called because I was wondering if she was ok. I am glad to hear that she is doing good and I am VERY Proud of her for being Clean for a year now!!! I have been supportive of her since her going into to Rehab and now I am really glad to hear that she is happy again. We talked for like over an hour of things in our lives and what has been going on. She told me that she is now in a relationship and her Boyfriend is very supportive of her. I am glad of that and also that she thinks this might be the one. We talked about our childhood and how we really became best friends. And well we also talked about us trying to get to see each other soon. Maybe next time I’m up there I’ll go and see her and who knows we might even drive up to columbia to see how things have changed.

Then yesterday I have made up my mind to do something about my weight. I want to lose weight and just didn’t know how to. But I have come up with a plan, only I need to make what I was thinking about instead of buying it. It is so much to purchase and since my hubby bought me a sewing machine for me in 2004 I thought I better put it to some use. I used to make purses which I am going to get back into the swing of things for that because Jess wants a purse made by me. Not a problem Jess. And also I can make a Mei Tai which is a backcarrier for Livy. It’s almost like one of the Bjorn pouches but I just can’t afford one and also they don’t make them for toddlers. I want something that I can put Livy in that I can carry her but I won’t have to carry her on my hip like I’m always doing. Whenever I do that my back hurts and I just can’t seem to make her walk on her own sometimes. This is a good way for me to take her on walks without lugging the stroller around and having to go on elevators and all that. I sometimes want to go on escalators and so does livy but it’s not safe to put a stroller on one. So I have made up my mind that I am going to make a Mei Tai. I have gotten support from my hubby who is all for this and also getting help from Amy who uses Mei Tai’s with Abby. Terry also said that he would like to try this so what I am thinking is making one for him with maybe Camo and making me a neutral one instead.

Ok so here I am at work and it’s like everyone is on vacation that I call. I’m not going to give up so we’ll just go from there. Let me get to work for now. I’ll write more later on:)

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