Again today it’s been raining all day off and on. I know we have been praying for rain to come help us with the drought we’ve been in for the past year but this is getting ridiculous!! Anyways, today Livy and I got up late because we had a very eventful night. Olivia decided to get up at 3am and I had just not too long ago fallen asleep. She was telling me to “Get Up!” and so I did. She told me that she had to pee-pee and so off we head to the bathroom. She was so happy that she sat on her potty but still nothing happened. We sat in the bathroom for I would say 15 minutes when I asked “Livy, do you have to go pee-pee?” her reply was “no, no, no”. So I figured I could put her pants back on and put her back down to sleep. But she had a whole different story for that. She wanted to play with her toys, then tell me she wanted more pizza, then she wanted to let in Wimpie and Hershey (which wasn’t going to happen). Then she thought it was going to be fun jumping on the beds. I finally got her calmed down to listening to the Sirrius Radio on the Satellite TV. Ahhh, calming music to put a little one who was well over tired. It was at that point 5:30am. Almost time to get up for the day!!

We didn’t get up until 8am and she asked me “mommy what bout daycare?” I just had to take her since she loves her daycare and all of her friends. We got there after Livy wanted to run around the house naked which most times I don’t mind but this morning we were really running late and I needed to call several people for work. This was going to be a long day I could tell at that point.

Later on in the morning, I called my sister to see if they were on their way home from Maryland or not, and she told me that she didn’t know if they were going to be able to or not with all the flooding happening in Washington D.C. and Maryland. It’s so crazy with the weather patterns these days. Are we causing this to happen to our planet or is someone from up above trying to tell us to slow down on the economy? I don’t know the answer but we need to do something. One day we’re going to wake up and everything in the world is going to be going haywire.

Anyways, I am not going to be able to make my MK meeting tonight but I have planned for a Skin Care Class tomorrow evening at 7:00pm at the Training Center on Zebulon Road in Rocky Mount. If you are interested in coming please let me know! I am going to reinvite Livy’s Daycare teacher to come and also the other one that works there as well. They take care of other people’s children that they most likely could use a break and pampering for themselves. Plus I have invited a couple other people that I went to school with or know to come as well. I might have a good turnout, you never know. If you are ever afriad to face your fears (i.e. talking to someone your really not too familiar with, or just a fear of rejection) just overcome them by talking to them anyways. You never know what they could say! Who knows they might even say yes!!

I haven’t really done much today. I’ve called several people this morning and this afternoon but haven’t really spoken to anyone. Today is the day to leave messages for everyone which is alright with me. I haven’t been able to see lately with or without my glasses. Uggh, sometimes it’s really a pain to have to deal with them but within the past month I have been really having a problem with my eyes. I don’t know whats going on with them but its really starting to worry me. I have also been extremely fatigue and thirsty alot so there’s no telling what’s going on with me. It’ll be alright though. I’ll just keep praying about it for now.

Ok well let me run for now…I am thinking of what to cook for dinner but still am undecisive right now. I’ll think about it right now and see where we are in a little bit. Let me go finish up the day’s work and get Livy from daycare.

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