Mary Kay Sale!!!!

For those of you who love Mary Kay cosmetics, I am now running a limited-time only sale on My Website! If you order between now and the fourth of July, I will give you 15% off and free domestic shipping!

Now just a few suggestions from my make-up bag must-haves:

  • TimeWise Miracle Set: The essential cleanser, moisturizer, and day and night solution set. The day solution has sunscreen, which we should all be wearing;), and the night solution exfoliates like nobody’s business. A foundation is also included!
  • Bronzer: Oh come on, I should not have to explain this one. Just buy it! (Great if you want the sun-kissed look!)
  • The Ultimate Mascara: This mascara lengthens and thickens with no clumps! I personally guarantee this one!
  • All New Satin Hand’s Pampering Set: Only 3 Steps Now! Extra Emoillient Cream, Satin Peach Smoothie, and Hand Cream. Same Great Product!! A Must for the summer time!

Ok, just one more, but it’s a given:

  • Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover: This is my best-selling product for a reason! It’s the best eye make-up remover IN THE WORLD! Hands-Down.

Now get to shopping!

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