Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well today was my first day back to work from vacation and boy did I have a lot to do. I didn’t realize how much you miss when you take an entire week off but geez. I stayed busy most of the day and I was really worn out when I left work. But I still had tons to do that evening to stay busy. I had to go pick up Livy from daycare (she had a good day back), then take her home and change clothes, Put my MK makeup on and then drive to Rocky Mount at our new training center for the weekly meeting. I had a great time there even though my foot was still throbbing. Well I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has doubts about their business and who thinks negative thoughts. But I have to get that out of my head and think positive thoughts. I am going to be successful in Mary Kay and I will show my hubby what I can do. I am thinking of having a show or even a re-grand opening for my business since my debut stunk. Not a single person showed up and it was hard to realize that but I have gotten over it and now that it’s summer I think I can use the building for any of my shows which I’m excited about that. I am going to check with Mel and see what days are available to have the show and then plan ahead and send out invites and everything. Well let me go put livy to bed…she needs sleep bad. She’s been cranky this evening for Terry. Thank you hunny for supporting me in everything that I put my mind too (even if I have doubts keep incouraging me to go for my goal). I love you Terry!!!

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