Ok so here goes on my blog that I have created to keep everyone up to date on Olivia and the Greene Family!!! So much has been going on lately.

For starters, we have just returned home from the beach. I was sad to go but we had to, we had such an interesting week that we couldn’t just let go. Lets see, last Sunday we drove down to the beach and Olivia had a blast on the beach and at the pool. Then on Monday we went to the beach again but didn’t stay very long. Olivia was tired!!! On Tuesday we went to the beach again but we ended up going back inside because it started to rain on us and it was cold.

Wednesday was very interesting, Tropical Storm Alberto made his debut there and boy was it a rainy and windy day. Not to mention, NOTHING to do. We decided to head to the NC Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores but we didn’t even get inside because of course the day we planned to go it was way too crowded. The line was horrible and it was raining so we were not going to get out in the weather and deal with that. Plus the parking was awful too. OH well, we went and ate brunch at 4 Corner Diner in Atlantic Beach and had a great time. Then that evening we went to The Crystal Coast Jamboree in Morehead City and enjoyed that. Livy did good until the next to last song when she started to sing her own little song of “Ring around the roses”. It was so funny.

Thursday was the day that Terry was to leave so we all went to the beach and all enjoyed ourselves. Of course I was the only one to get some sun (red) and I was wearing 50 plus sunscreen. Oh well it’ll be alright!!! We also went and got ice cream from Flip Flops and had a grand ole time. Friday we went back down to the beach and Olivia and I decided we were going to head into the water. She loved it until we all got knocked down by a wave. She didn’t know what happened. She did enjoy herself though. Porky Lynn also came down and stayed with Jim and Shelley upstairs. HE cooked the best meal ever, prime rib and pork tenderlion. MMM….so good!!! We love all that he does for us and the church.

Yesterday was a good day for the beach again and we stayed one last time. Although I was leaving for home, it was still good to take one final picture of Olivia by the water. I will probably have a couple pictures to post in the next couple of days. We did enjoy the beach for a week and will probably make a couple debuts again to Emerald Isle and also to Mrytle Beach as well.

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