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Rose Vox Box from Influenster!

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity from Influenster to try out several samples and full sized products for free. The items that came in the Rose Vox Box were as follows with a little review with them.

Kiss Gradation: This nail polish kit from Kiss was perfect to use on a night out with my hubby and also just too cute to wear during the week. It comes with 3 different nail polish colors and it was just too easy to use too. The first color I put on my nails was 2 coats of Silver. Next I put on a darker silver color just on the tips of my fingernails, then it was time to add the cool sparkles to the middle part of my fingernails. And it was so pretty after I was finished. I even did Olivia’s nails using the Kiss Gradation Kit. I got several compliments on the colors too.

BelVita Crunchy Breakfast Bars: The flavor that I received in the Vox Box was Blueberry and it was very good. I was a little apprehensive in trying it out because it just looked different than what I was used to. But once I opened up the package and could smell the goodness out of it then I knew it was something I had to try. I took one bite and couldn’t put it down. It tasted like a blueberry muffin and all I can say is wow! I love this breakfast bar and I have to say that even though I don’t normally eat breakfast I will now with these things! Highly Recommend going and getting some to try for yourself!

Lindt Lindor Truffles: I love chocolate and if that means I get to try Lindt Lindor Truffles!!! Actually I have had these before but it had been a few years and I have always loved them. They were very rich and smooth and just plain Delish!!! Plus I had a coupon to get $1 off one and while super doubles were going on a Harris Teeter I got myself a bag of them all to myself. Perfect for all who love chocolate and Lindt Lindor Products.

Vitabath Body Lotion: The scent I got was Ivy and Lily Moisturizing Body Lotion and it was a nice light scent to use on a daily basis. Now that it’s cold out it’s definitely a plus to keep your skin moisturized so that you don’t have worry about dry, itchy skin. I highly recommend getting some of Vitabath’s products this winter!

Rimmel London’s Retro Glam Mascara: As most of my friends and family know is that I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I don’t like how it makes my skin feel. So instead I normally just wear eye makeup which would include eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. I was sent Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara and loved the way that it made my eyes seem brighter. I love how easy it was to use and also to take off at the end of the night too. This has become one of my favorite kinds of mascara to have on hand.

Dr. Scholl’s Cozy Cushions for Her: I have to admit that while I don’t like wearing shoes even when it’s cold out, I will put them on since I don’t want to get sick. This year has been cold already and winter hasn’t yet to happen for us here in the south. I got a pair of Dr. Scholls Cozy Cushions for her and put them in my clogs. Oh my…they are so stinking warm I don’t want to take them out. I have seriously thought about going and getting slippers just to put them inside them. They keep my feet warm and toasty but not too much to the point where I need to take them off. I highly recommend if you live in a town or state where it is cold…I mean colder than North Carolina!

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