Summer’s Almost Over..But Fall is Coming!

This past week it has been hot one day and then nice and fall like weather the next. I think the problem with living in the south is that sometimes you don’t get the nice fall weather like the north or the mountains would get. It’s either blazing hot or cold. Nothing really in between down here. But since summer is almost over, I’d like to say that now is the time to start looking for a swimsuits for the next year. I have gone online and found several that I like but some of them just look frumpy looking. I have instead found some that are plus size modest swimwear and I liked several of them. I’m actually hoping and praying that next year I won’t need to fit into plus size swimwear but just in case if I do then maybe I can find something that I would like on there. I will write another post as of what we are beginning on Monday of next week. 🙂 So excited too! But I am ready to see the fall come because this summer was brutal!!!

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