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Traveling with Jason & Olivia One Day…

One thing that I would love to do is travel to Europe and travel to other countries. Jason and I both have already talked about traveling to Europe like Italy and Germany. I would love to learn how to speak German because my maiden name is German and I think it would be cool to learn the language of Germany. I have a good friend who just moved to Germany and she now has to learn to speak German. It might be a little harder to learn on your own but honestly you can learn it on your own with no problem.

All you need is to learn it through a translation company and it seems like it would be easy to do. I think living abroad would be cool but of course only if I knew how to speak the language. I think living in a good, quaint German town would be so cool. But still close enough to a town for entertainment. Another country we have talked about visiting is England. We would love to go to London just to visit it and it would be so cool to go see Big Ben and Parliament. I think it’s Jason’s dream to go there because he loves to watch National Lampoon’s European Vacation and honestly I think that’s the only reason he wants to visit there. But still using a translation agency would be worth it because even though England speaks English they have different sayings and meanings of the word than we do here in the United States. One day we will travel out of the country but for now we will continue to travel to Disney World even though we are seriously thinking of doing a Disney Cruise next year instead.

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