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Three Lollies Preggie Pop Drops Review

Are you pregnant? Do you suffer from morning sickness or do you just suffer from nausea? I can safely say that right now I’m not pregnant but when I was pregnant I did suffer from morning sickness terribly. I was sick a good portion of my pregnancy with Olivia and suffered from severe nausea for months after she was born. I never did find anything to help with the feeling of getting sick everyday but if these had been out when I was pregnant with Olivia I would have tried them. Lately I have been suffering from nausea from some medications I take and these pop drops have been helping my tummy out.

Preggie Pop Drops are delicious, all natural, drug free and recommended by Healthcare Professionals. Gee…where were these 10 years ago? These are the natural way to ease morning sickness and trust me they help get rid of nausea too. They come in 4 yummy flavors such as Sour Lemon, Sour Tangerine, Sour Raspberry and Green Apple. I have fallen in love with the Sour Raspberry and Green Apple. I am hoping that within the next year, Jason and I will be trying to start a family and these might come in handy!

I also got a box of Queasy Pop Kids which are for kids ages 4 & up. These are all natural as well and come in 7 yummy flavors such as Natural Cola, Sour Raspberry, Cinnamon, Sour Lemon, Peppermint, Papaya and Green Apple. While I have not tried these out with Olivia, I know they will come in handy for when she has an upset tummy or nausea. They are made with Brown Rice Syrup & Cane Juice. They have Natural Coloring as well instead of food coloring such as Red Dye.They are made by Three Lollies and can be bought online through their store.

I highly recommend both of these products to those of you who are expecting, or have children whose tummies might get upset a little.

I was sent the products to try and in return I was to give an honest review on these products!

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