Homeschool Starts Tomorrow!

I know it’s been a few weeks since I updated this blog but we have been busy with letting the State of North Carolina that we are homeschooling Olivia this year. We will be beginning our lessons tomorrow. I probably should have started them today but I had a few things to still get together. But we’re looking forward to starting the lessons. The name of our school is “Shoot for the Stars Academy” and Olivia named it herself. The curriculum that we chose is as follows:

  • Saxon Math 5/4
  • BJU English and Grammar
  • BJU (Bob Jones University) Social Studies
  • Apologia Zoology 1 for science
  • BJU Handwriting
  • And we will be using most likely Spectrum Reading
  • A Bible Curriculum as well I believe it’s going to be LifePac

I ordered most of her books and my books from ChristianBooks.com. They came quite fast and we are super excited to get started. We are going up to our friends house on Thursday and coming back to my parents most likely on Sunday. Then Monday we will stay around Rocky Mount and then I will get the table that was my Nana & Pop-Pop’s to bring back home to use in the Homeschool Room. I am still trying to get it straighted out but it will be a good room for her. I think we will go ahead and try to paint the room as well…finally is what I’m thinking.

Now that we are a one income family we are going to cut down on a lot of things but this is a good thing for us. We are still a one vehicle family as well which doesn’t bother us much. Cuts down on gas now that we’re homeschooling and not having to drive back and forth to Fayetteville twice to three times a day depending on the week. Makes life a lot simplier. I’m more of a homebody if that’s what you want to call me. We will go on field trips to the zoo, the aquariums and different parks and places. We are also looking at a few Homeschool groups we’d like to join. I will try to update this more now that we’re getting started for school.

But here are a few pictures from our family vacation to Disney World and some pictures of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village. Enjoy!

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