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Homemade Fabric Softener A Hit!

Since we have been trying to save money by cooking dinner at home and by making things I decided on Saturday to take a chance on homemade fabric softener. Well the result was that we love it in our house! It’s a hit! I love how it cost next to nothing to make and I used the same bottle that the store bought fabric softener came in. Reuse is it people! Well the first load was a good indicator that we’d like it. We have since done several loads and I have realized that my towels are very soft even the ones from Walmart that have always felt like a stiff towel. And my clothes smell amazing and my clothes are very soft! I’m overall very pleased with my decision not to go out and purchase more over priced name brand fabric softeners.

Now if you’d like to know the recipe here it is:


3 cups of White Distilled Vinegar
6 cups of Water
2 cups of Hair Conditioner


Put in a large bowl all the ingredients and mix. Then put into the container you would like to store your fabric softener in and use the same amount you’d be using as if you are using the store bought one.

One thing I did notice is my very first load smelled a lot like vinegar but the loads after have a nice fresh scent to it just like the hair conditioner has. Its awesome and I’m so glad I decided to make it. It’s a keeper in my house!

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