Sunday Funday

Today is going to be a day to get caught up on reading, cleaning and organizing (possibly). I have been trying to get the house back to normal ever since before Christmas and feel like doing a little bit today. I started taking some vitamins because I haven’t been feeling all that great. I started taking Vitamin D3 and B-12 as well. I think that just by taking those two together has helped me with getting a little more energy every day. I’m still feeling under the weather but I never knew what all Vitamin D did for your body. When I went to the Dr back in October for my physical they tested my thyroid and my vitamin D to see where the numbers were at. Well my Thyroid Levels came back low and yet normal to the Dr. but then my Vitamin D came back very low. So the Dr. didn’t tell me to start taking anything so I didn’t. Well after being sick for the past 3 months I decided to start taking something to see if I could give my immune system a kick in the butt. The problem with being sick for that long is that I have to be on steroids for a long period of time which causes me to gain weight without even eating more than I normally do. Well I have been off them for now 2 weeks and while I’m still looking puffy and swollen from them I’m starting to gain some kind of energy to do things around the house.

Today I will try to get the rest of the living room clean and do lots of laundry as it really needs to get done. I’m thinking that when it gets and stays warmer out I will be able to paint my living, dining and spare bedroom. I can’t wait to get all that done so I can start decorating and all. I’d love to be able to go up to Ikea while visiting my best friends in VA or go to the one in Charlotte and pick up some things. I haven’t been to an Ikea in over a year and I’m having withdrawals. lol. We shall see though.

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