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Saving and Saving…

As much as we go to Disney World we have once again started to save for another Disney World Vacation. We’d love to be able to go in the fall next year so we can experience free dining and more. The one thing that we recently decided to do is to get Disney Gift cards so that we are able to save our money on there so that when it’s time to pay for our trip it’s all done in the cards. We have found that stopping in to the Disney Store and loading up on them is a lot easier than saving the money and having access to it to use. Not cool if you ask me but we are trying our hardest to save for it. We have decided that if we do Free Dining next year that we’d love to stay at Coronado Springs again or even someplace else. I know that it would be fun and awesome to go during Thanksgiving week but then again we’d love to be able to have Thanksgiving at our house next year so this is all something that we need to consider.

What is one trip that you absolutely have to plan for or if you have ever been to Disney World where is your favorite time of year to go and why?

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