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Black Friday is Coming Soon!!!

It’s hard to believe that just in 2 weeks it’s going to be Thanksgiving and Black Friday! We are planning on getting out there to grab a few things for Olivia and the kids but that’s it. Jason thankfully got me my present today and I got it early but I will probably wrap the box and place it under the tree. 🙂 One other thing that we are looking into getting for the house is a brand new grill and we are looking at weber grill accessories for it. I love the electronics during this time of year and so we have already gotten Olivia a DSi and she will be so excited. Just have to grab a few games for her to play it and she will be all set. Maybe we will get some new furniture or maybe I will get Jason an Ethel (recliner) or a new iPhone 4S. 🙂 You never know but it’s almost time to start looking for gifts to give and this might be the perfect thing for us to do.

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