Duracell Powermat Wireless Charger Review

Recently I got to review a Duracell Powermat 24-hour Wireless Charger for my iPhone. It’s amazing too. I received it in the mail and was eager to try it out. This thing is awesome! I plugged in the charging mat and attached my phone to the Powermat case. I plugged it in and it was charging my dead phone up. Yes I find myself with an almost dead phone everyday. I think it’s because I have too many apps open on my phone at one time or that I let Olivia play on my phone constantly and yes I see that she runs my battery down quickly that way.

I found that once my battery was charged I left it in the powermat case and when it was getting time to charge it I just placed it on the mat and let it charge. I feel like my phone kept a longer charge on the phone with the case on it rather than the otterbox I had on it before. Another thing that I love with the 24-hour Wireless charger is that you can take it with you anywhere you go. I have kept that thing in my purse since I got it fully charged and it’s the perfect thing for me to have in case I’m not able to charge my phone up anytime then I can plug it into my phone and it’s charging it for me.

I took it to work a few weeks ago and while my co-worker and I were out to lunch my phone started beeping that I had 20% battery life left. Whoops guess I forgot to charge it the night before. Well I pulled the charger out of my purse plugged it in and my co-worker thought it was awesome.

I highly recommend this product to those who are tech savvy or people who happen to run their batteries down quickly or forget to charge their phones at night.

You can purchase the 24-hour Power System for $99.99 which includes the powermat for 2 devices, a wireless case for you iPhone 4/4s and a portable backup charger. 

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