New House? Who Knows?

With me I am always looking for a new house. I’m not moving anytime soon at all. That’s for sure. I’m staying with mom and dad until I graduate from college and I love it that way. They are a big help with Olivia and with me while I have school. Plus I like being close to my grandma too because since my granddad passed away I go over and help her do things that she needs help with. Well I have found a few modular homes that I like and that I dream about getting when I graduate and everything else. I would love to get some modern furniture for the house and for the master bedroom. I would love to get a really nice king size bed in the room too because I normally sleep in the middle of the bed and if Olivia joins in then it’s not bad at all. We still have another year before any of that happens but it’s nice to keep your dreams there because they are dreams and you never know what or where you will be in a year.

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