I remember going to camp…

Now that Olivia is old enough to go to camp on her own, I think back at the times I first went to camp. I first went to camp at Dance Camp with Wheaton Studio of Dance at the College of Gettysburg, PA. It was awesome and yes I was homesick it was lots of fun with most of my friends there. Then in 6th grade I remember going to Camp Summit Lake and that place was the best! I got to stay in the cabin with most of my friends and we all had a blast. This was the first time that I can remember being able to see what real cabin furniture looked like. I only wish that I could go back to that camp because there are so many good memories that I have from that place. Thank goodness Mayfield Woods Middle School took us there. It was a blast. Then I went to camp during Spring break a few times with the church and then we went to church choir camp in the summer at Camp Caswell. Oh how I had a blast and yes Olivia got to experience camp this past summer by herself too. Next year I plan on allowing her to go back to camp and enjoy it again. The experience was amazing for her and thanks to my parents who where able to go with her as well while I worked. She is growing up too quickly and I hope that every summer she can continue to go and want to go. As eager as she was the first time she went. 🙂

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