What a Great Weekend!

This weekend has been wonderful for me. I think it’s mainly because we got to see my sister who came home from Iowa to visit. It’s been difficult with her not being around here but we’ve managed so far and we will still manage for the time she will be away until her contract is finished with that specific job. Then she will come home and either travel again or stay close to home. 🙂 You never know. But Friday night even though I didn’t go out I had a good time because instead of spending money I decided to work on some homework and get my grade up in my biology class. Thanks to my mom for helping me out too because I couldn’t do it without her that’s for sure. I now have a passing grade which is awesome. Tonight I’ll be studying more for that class, and on top of that I have some Word processing homework to complete tomorrow and then I have to work on my rough draft for English class.

Now onto Saturday. I didn’t do much except for my brother changed my brakes which were needed and then I went out with my sister who came home from Greenville. It is nice to see her because we miss her so much but I guess you already could guess that by now huh? We went to the Mall and then to eat dinner at El Taps. I love that place too! It was awesome. After we came home I went over to my best friends house and we had a good time like always. She can probably vouch for this that it doesn’t take much to make her laugh when I’m around. LOL. I can act goofy in Walmart that’s for sure. hehehehe and Walgreen’s at that. Then we went back to her house where we talked and played online until we both realized it was just about 3am and I decided to go home. I didn’t get much sleep but it was well worth it.

Today I got up and went to church with my sister and parents. We then went to eat lunch at P.F. Chang’s and Liz and I went shopping afterwards at the mall. I ended up purchasing myself a hoodie from American Eagle which I have not been able to shop at for over 6 years. I’m so happy and proud of myself that I am getting back down to the size I want to be at. I do have more to go but I have to work on it and with changing a few things in my life it can and will be done. 🙂 That’s all I have to say for now except I’m going to try and eat my lasagna that I cooked (burnt) in the crockpot. 🙂 LOL

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